Pat Patla was VP of AMD’s Opteron division and was with the company during the glory days. Pat Patla has apparently left AMD to start working for Samsung, in a coming server division?

Samsung has a plant in Austin, Texas, that is dedicated to producing system processors Apple A5 and Apple A5X for Apple’s Iphones and Ipads, but there is lots of secrecy going on here. Samsung has been recruiting industry people with knowledge in servers, but has kept a very low profile doing so. The fact Pat Patla was hired as the VP raise further questions.

There have been much speculation on what Samsung is doing here, and developing server processors based on the ARM architecture is the top choice for speculators. The size of the staff is groing without Samsung making any comments on why, which builds even more suspense. It is still very much unclear when Samsung is supposed to compete with Intel and AMD, which currently control the majority of the server market.


Dell and HP have not made it a secret that they are experimenting with ARM based servers, and the question is if Dell might be a future customer of Samsung? There is much to speculate in, but that Samsung is getting into servers doesn’t sound very unlikely with the plant in Austin, Texas, growing fast.

Source: Forbes


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