Samsung may launch new notebooks for the summer sporting extra energy efficient panels from Sharp. Sharp will make 11.6″ IGZO panels for Samsung, but will also supply LCD panels for TVs and smaller screens for mobile products.

Sharp have presented several exciting display technologies lately, but at the same time been struggling economically. By the end of last year Qualcomm announced it will invest 120 million dollar in Sharp to move the development of IGZO panels (indium-gallium-zinc oxide) to the next level, which will enable more energy efficient screens with thinner bezels. IGZO panels have 40 times higher electron mobility than traditional LCD panels and thus offers faster response times, increased light emittance and enables higher resolutions.

The exact specifications for the 11.6″ panels Samsung has ordered are unclear, but most likely it will use the IGZO technology to optimize battery times and perhaps even boost resolutions some more.



Samsung will also invest 110 million dollar in Sharp in exchange for 3 percent of stock.

Intel has earlier pointed out that the coming Haswell platform will raise the requirements for battery times in the ultrabook segment and besides more energy efficient processor circuits, the development of display technology could be key to achieving this. There have been talks of 8-9 hours battery time of active use, up from 5 hours that is seen with most models today.

Source: Asiaone


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