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Samsung has according to information already started to sell a 32GB Solid State harddrive using NAND flash for portabel computer. This is of course a big step forward towards a consumer version of a Solid State harddrive that is something Samsung has great expectations for, an expectiation we at NH share. Samsung’s 32GB flash harddrive is of the 1.8″ format and there is almost only good things to say about it. At The Inquirer they’ve published a small table where they compare the flash based 1.8″ harddrive to a mechanical equivalent and on paper things are looking very promising.

There were no prices available but we alreay knew of the article posted about Samsung’s 32GB SSD at PC World where they say that the cost of such a unit would be about $960 for only the memory. As no other costs are included we estimate a retail price for Samsung’s 32GB SSD would be more than $1500. But a 16GB model that has earlier been displayed should be considerably cheaper. Hardly something a regular consumer would be interested in but we’re getting closer and closer to seeing som real flash memory harddrives.


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