SanDisk is one of the larger manufacturers of NAND flash products and have been expanding its products of SSDs over the last few years. The company is predicting a turning point where it expects to see a significant boost in sales during 2012.

SanDisk is perhaps best knkown for its large selection of memory cards, but during 2012 the company believes that its venture in SSD technology will really take off. The company says that a combination of dropping prices and substantially better user experience will make users upgrade to SSD units.

”We expect 2012 to mark the inflection point of SSD growth for SanDisk, with both the enterprise in client markets becoming strong contributors to our revenue growth in 2012 and beyond,” – Sanjay Mehrota, VP at SanDisk, during a conference call

SanDisk already has a wide selection of SSD products with models for retail, e.g. SanDisk Ultra, and business. SanDisk has not produced its units in any larger volumes and during 2011 the sales were a very small potion of the total revenue of the company – landing at 5.66 billion dollar.

But already in Q4 SanDisk saw how the revenue of SSD sales made up 5% of the quarterly revenue, which it expects to double in 2012.

Source: SanDisk via X-bit Labs


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