Scythe has now launched a pretty odd product called USB Foot Switch. In short its an input device tailored for your feet. USB pedals that will increase productivity during work or pleasure.

Scythe points out that we only have two hands and that some of the work can be transferred to our feet instead, in the shape of something that is usually connected to a sawing machine Scythe USB Foot Switch will add a new dimension to users that wants to maximize their potential.

The concept is simple, when the hands and fingers are busy it’s time to move your feet. Even if USB Foot Switch may be an efficient tool for those with limited capabilities the company hopes more than the disabled will see the potential of the product.


Through a docking station the pedals connects to the computer through a sole USB cable and can then be configured in Windows to perform the tasks you want.

Even if the concept may sound a bit far-fetched it’s not entirely uncommon for high level gamers to use feet and toes to perform even tougher tasks when gaming.

The pedals have a lifespan of 1 million uses and Scythe sells packages with 1, 2 or 3 pedals for 20€, 28€ and 32€.



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