The world’s second largest manufacturer of harddrives, Seagate has announced that it has once again increased the areal density of the platters found in harddrives. Seagate’s new platter comes with 1 TB (TeraByte) capacity, or 625 Gb (Gigabit) per squareinch.

The new leap from Seaget allows them to make harddrives with less platters at the same capacity, less moveable parts, less heat and less energy consumption – or simply make a bigger drive than ever before.


The 1 TB platter is already completed and will according to the company find its way into the GoFlex Desk series of external drives first, but it is working on new drives for the Barracuda XT series, spinning at 7,200 RPM and will come in sizes of 1.5 TB, 2 TB and 3 TB.

Seagate GoFlex Desk based on this platter will be available shortly, while Barracuda XT will be available in the middle of 2011 says Seagate.

Source: BusinessWire

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