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The One Laptop Per Child project is an interesting campaign, and the fruits of Nicholas Negroponte’s labour have been plenty and more diverse than we could’ve ever hoped for. During the last couple of months we’ve seen a significant growth of interest in low-cost PCs and now it’s time for PC building giant Dell to enter the ring. Together with chipset manufacturer SiS, best known for its budget products, Dell has launched Dell EC280. It’s a mini-PC, one eighth in size of a regular ATX case, and based on the SiSM661GX chipset on a mini-ITX motherboard.

”DELL EC280 has all the basic PC functions. The extra power-saving feature of SiSM661GX pairing with the Intel Celeron M 205 FSB400MHz processors and DDR 512/256 memory enable make the DELL EC280 only consumes 65watts per minute. By setting a reasonable price, DELL EC280 can perfectly answer to those buyers who are looking for their 1st PCs. In addition, DELL EC280 PC is also targeted to reach the PC market of those emerging countries.”

Dell has shared some of its great visions and we’re truly impressed by the potential of the EC280 system, but there is a lot more to it than just designing a cheap PC, and there is no price available yet. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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