Another tower cooler has entered the market as Chinese-based Spire has introduced its TherMax Eclipse II heatsink. Featuring five direct contact 8mm heatpipes and a robust aluminum heatsink, it’s supposed to be effective enough to handle CPUs with a heat dissipation of up to 150W. The heatsink supports both AMD and Intel platforms and is supplied with two nine bladed 120mm fans for optimal performance. The price is supposed to be around $52.99 or €38.95

More in the press release;





Official press release: TherMax Eclipse II

Following the success of the original DT heat-pipe TherMax series, we’re proudly introducing the TherMax Eclipse II. Powered by Innovation and with awesome looks this CPU Cooler is one supreme performer. Equipped with five 8mm Direct Touch U-Shaped sintered powder heat-pipes combined with black-nickel coated stamped heat-sink fins to best preserve killer looks. The TherMax Eclipse II is ready to best cool the extreme hot 130W to 150W Micro-processors made by Intel and AMD.



Universally compatible with the Intel 1156/1366/775 platforms in combination with the AMD AM3/AM2/940/939 platforms giving professionals and gamers a huge scope to utilize this impressive Diablo. Another welcome new feature are the possibility of mounting two fans simultaneously for even better cooling results. Simply installed with the included Anti-vibe rubber fan mounts installation is made tool-free and easy. This towering cooler is build to deliver the best thermal performance – guaranteed.



Main Features:

  • Five 8mm all copper U-shaped direct touch heat-pipes

  • Straight lined fins and heat-pipes allowing air to easily pass through

  • 46 stamped aluminum wide fins for best surface rate

  • Dimpled surface fin for increased heat transfer rate

  • Black-Nickel coated heat-sink to preserve killer looks

  • Two (2) 120mm BlackStar 9 blade fan design

  • PCI Fan speed control unit included

  • High Quality, Long MTBF Japanese No.1 Ball bearing

  • Anti-Vibe universal rubber fan mountings (crews)

  • Supports AM2/AM3939/940 and 775/1156/1366

  • High performance up to Intel Core i7 Extreme 150W

The TherMax Eclipse II CPU Cooler is compatible with the latest ATX boards based on the Intel and AMD Micro-processors sockets 775/1156/1366 for Intel and AM2/AM3/940/939 for AMD.

Product Includes:
TherMax Eclipse II heat-sink, Two (2) BlackStar 120mm DC Fans, 8 Anti-Vibe rubber fan mounts, PCI Fan speed control unit, BlueFrost thermal interface compound, Intel universal mounting set, AMD universal mounting set, Motherboard back-plate, User installation manual, Warranty registration card.

The TherMax Eclipse II is now available from our factory in Shenzhen, China. Distribution through Spire branch offices locations will commence half March 2010. MSRP USD 52.99 / EURO 38.95



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