Apple is known for its great margins, but at an auction in Germany the company, or at least one of its products, broken a new record. It’s a model of the Apple 1 that was sold in 1976 for 666.66 dollar that went under the club for 671,400 dollar.

Apple 1 was made in only 200 copies and of these only six are estimated to be working today. The computer was signed by Steve Wozniak and is sold with the original manual and a signed letter by Steve Jobs to Fred Hatfield at Computer Data Systems.

The previous world record for an auctioned Apple 1 was at 640,000 dollar, but this was broken by where they clubbed the Apple computer for 671,400 dollar with a starting price betweeb 250,000 to 400,000 dollar.


This sample was purchased in a non-working condition earlier this year by a private buyer for 40,000 dollar. He repaired the machine and got it signed by Steve Wozniak, which has resulted in a pretty good profit of over 600,000 dollar.

Source: MacRumors


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