AMD has finally released some goodies on the coming architecture Bulldozer. Many have been wondering when we would see a new top frequency world record, which was held by Intel’s Cedar Mill processors at 8 308 MHz, and it was none less than AMD’s Bulldozer architecture that broke the record is reigning king.

After a long silence AMD has released some public information. While performance in the coming architecture is still unknown we know how the architecture overclocks, and it looks like Bulldozer has extreme overlocking potential on both air and more exotic cooling like liquid nitrogen or even helium.


IMG_0987 IMG_8794

The earlier world record was held by overclocker TaPaKaH with an Intel Celeron 352 ”Cedar Mill” at 8309 MHz, way over 8 GHz. The processor was based on Intel’s Netburst architecture and has been at the top for a long time and the only processor to be capable of these frequencies, but Bulldozer change the playing field.


With AMD’s overclocking elite gathered, Sami Maekinen, Brian Mchlachlan, Pete Hardman, Aaron Schradin and Simon Solotko they pushed the new Bulldozer architecture to the limit. With floating helium they managed to reach the new world record at 8429 MHz, which is quite a bit higher than the previous record. AMD and its overclockers had prepared for days to get the record and the processors is expected to get into the Guiness Book of World Records.

Cpu-8429AMD mentions that it reached clock frequencies well over 5GHz on air cooling and water cooling for sub-$100, which could be a cooler from Corsair H series or similar. While we still don’t know the performance of the architecture AMD at least has a very clock-friendly architecture that should please overclockers.


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